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Elevating Life Sciences to Global Heights

 Life sciences are at the core of many transformative breakthroughs, shaping our health, environment, and industries. Our commitment is to foster an environment where these discoveries can flourish, propelling the industry to new heights. With a global perspective and a passion for innovation, here’s how we aim to champion this mission:

Creating Environments for Breakthroughs and Collaboration

We strive to be the primary resource for life science companies navigating the U.S. market. Guiding them through every challenge, from selecting the best location to deciphering local regulations and fostering community ties.

From Across the Globe to the Heart of U.S. Life Sciences

We're committed to deepening our partnerships with leading academic institutions and tech centers. Our focus remains on streamlining the transformation of cutting-edge research into commercially viable products, ensuring that pioneering discoveries translate to market successes.

Accelerating Innovation: Your Gateway to Tech Transfer and Commercialization

We envision creating more than just spaces. Our aim is to nurture communities where life science experts can collaborate, innovate, and exchange insights, turning our environments into epicenters of scientific brilliance and shared knowledge.

Space for Science, Home for Innovation

Our Goals

Harnessing Science for

Real-World Solutions

From understanding transformative breakthroughs in life sciences to actualizing them in communities, infrastructures, and economies - explore how our solutions make these visions tangible.

Featured Projects

Empowering startups in the Pacific Northwest with a unique Venture-as-a-Service model to foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Bridging Innovation Across the Pacific Northwest

Establishing a collaborative hub in Seattle, Puget Sound, and Washington to turn technological ideas into market-ready solutions.

Pioneering the Pacific Northwest TechBio Cluster

Let’s Innovate Together

901 5th ave suite 3400, Seattle, WA 98164

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