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Fueling Innovation:

Where Science, Health, and Real Estate Collide

We commit ourselves to acting as the ideal launch pad for life science companies looking to expand their U.S. operations. From identifying the ideal location, understanding regulatory requirements, to fostering relationships with local communities, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

From Across the Globe to the Heart of U.S. Life Sciences

Our strategic partnerships with top-tier universities and tech centers enable a seamless transition from innovative research to commercial success. By cultivating an environment that encourages collaboration, we help turn ground-breaking research into life-changing products and solutions.

Accelerating Innovation: Your Gateway to Tech Transfer and Commercialization

Space for Science, Home for Innovation

This is the space to introduce the business and what it has to offer. Define the qualities and values that make it unique. 

Empowering Health and Science

Engage, Build, and Grow with Innovative Solutions

Community Engagement & Planning

Infrastructure & Real Estate

Economic Growth & Support


Community Engagement & Planning 

Collaborating with communities, promoting engagement, and assisting in the strategic planning of their life sciences initiatives. Our focus is to encourage sustainable development in this vital industry.

Fostering growth by building communication bridges between life science entities, communities, stakeholders, and facilitating synergistic public-private partnerships.

Stakeholder & Partnership Development

Providing expert strategic planning support for life sciences initiatives while also designing community outreach programs to boost public awareness and engagement with the industry.

Strategic Planning & Community Outreach

Advising on implementing sustainable practices within the life sciences sector to ensure long-term viability and growth.

Sustainability Consulting

Organizing workshops to educate community members about the benefits and opportunities in the life sciences industry.

Education & Training Workshops

Our expert team collaboratively designs and constructs bespoke facilities tailored to your unique scientific needs, fueling productivity and accelerating discovery. 

Build to Suit

Leveraging deep industry insights to create ready-to-occupy, forward-thinking spaces, positioning your organization at the forefront of innovation.

Spec Development

Our diligent experts ensure you access compliant, state-of-the-art manufacturing spaces that adhere to the highest quality and safety standards, streamlining your production processes.

Manufacturing Spaces

Combining strategic advisory and comprehensive property management, we help companies identify the ideal locations and facilities aligned with their growth goals, while ensuring seamless business operations through maintenance, security, and lease administration.

Property Advisory & Management

Real Estate Infrastructure

Provide tailored infrastructure and real estate solutions that suit the distinct needs of the life sciences industry. Our commitment is to establish functional environments that will facilitate growth and innovation.


Economic Growth & Support

We are focused on cultivating programs that ignite economic expansion within the life sciences sector and the communities they serve. Through comprehensive support, we are committed to helping companies reach their full potential, strengthening both the industry and local economies.

Designing and implementing programs aimed at fostering economic growth within the life sciences sector.

Program Development

Advising on securing funding and investment for life sciences initiatives and businesses.

Funding & Investment Guidance

Providing comprehensive support to both domestic and international companies aiming to expand and establish their presence in the vibrant U.S. life sciences market, developing business plans and strategies that help them reach their full potential.

Integrated Business Services

Facilitating partnerships between companies, researchers, and investors to drive economic growth in the life sciences sector.

Partnership Facilitation

Stimulate economic growth by building strong partnerships between local startups and established corporations.

Boosting High-Value Sectors

Empower local startups, raising the region's status in the global marketplace and improving its competitive edge.

Elevating Global Competitiveness

Build a connected environment that stimulates partnerships and drives technology advancements.

Enhancing Collaborative Innovation

Provide opportunities for career advancement, helping create a skilled workforce that drives economic development.

Fostering Workforce Development

Support a sustainable and responsible economic model that emphasizes the reuse and recycling of resources.

Promoting Circular Economy

Promote diversity and inclusion, creating opportunities for all populations and ensuring their involvement in the innovation process.

Prioritizing Inclusive Innovation

What We Strive For

The Innovation Cluster Accelerator Program (ICAP) aligns stakeholders across industries for innovation. This interdisciplinary approach focuses on identifying and solving challenges that limit growth and market opportunities.  Clusters act to nurture local startups, enhancing regional economic growth, global competitiveness, and promote a sustainable and inclusive economy. 

What We Offer

Leverage a cooperative network and simplified procedures to transform innovations into successful, economically rewarding business models.

Business Innovation Engine

Seize opportunities for practical application of research findings, commercializing academic outputs, and enriching the student journey.

Academic Impact Accelerator

Immerse in advanced technologies, career development opportunities, and a shared platform for collaboration.

Professional TechHub

Dive into a pool of promising startups armed with ready-to-market technologies, championing diversity and inclusion.

Gateway to Diverse Startups

Realize regional economic growth objectives, job creation, heightened global competitiveness, and key performance indicators.

Government Growth Partner

Access comprehensive support in technology transfer, business development, scaling, and sourcing new technologies.

Startup Support

What We Offer

Position the TechBio industry as a leader in the field by building on Washington's strengths and leveraging existing tech sectors.

Advancing Industry

Prioritize engagement with marginalized communities to boost diversity and promote equitable access to high-paying jobs within the TechBio sector.

Championing Community Inclusion

Foster a dynamic ecosystem of businesses, research institutions, and support organizations that collectively advance TechBio innovations.

Facilitating Robust Collaboration

Expedite the process of technology transfer and commercialization, transforming innovative ideas into viable, market-ready solutions.

Tech Transfer

Attract top talent and develop a skilled workforce equipped to tackle complex challenges and drive economic growth.

Empowering Workforce Evolution

What We Strive For

Tech Bio Labs leads in developing a dedicated TechBio cluster in the Pacific Northwest, encompassing Seattle, Puget Sound, and Washington. We provide a platform for diverse viewpoints to merge, promoting innovative partnerships and efficient processes. Our primary focus is to assist in technology transfer and commercialization, steering the path from conception to successful execution. 

We offer strategic guidance and resources to expedite your journey towards industry leadership in the TechBio sector.

Industry Leadership

We provide a platform for networking and partnerships, promoting a collaborative spirit that drives forward groundbreaking TechBio innovations.

Collaborative Opportunities

What We Offer

901 5th ave suite 3400, Seattle, WA 98164

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