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ICAP is a pioneering initiative that interlinks innovation across the Pacific Northwest. Through our Venture-as-a-Service model, we provide a platform for corporations to collaborate with and support local startups, aiming to stimulate regional economic growth, enhance global competitiveness, and encourage a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Innovation Across the Pacific Northwest

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We aim to foster economic growth by facilitating beneficial partnerships between emerging startups and established corporations.

Strengthening High-Value Sectors

Our objective is to create a cohesive environment where partnerships are encouraged, leading to technology advancements and shared successes.

Enhancing Collaborative Efforts

We advocate for a sustainable economic approach that emphasizes resource recycling and reuse, aligning with environmental and economic best practices.

Supporting a Circular Economy

What We Strive For

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We provide a structured network and straightforward procedures to help transform innovations into viable business models.

Innovation Engine

We offer an environment enriched with advanced technologies, opportunities for career growth, and a platform that encourages collaborative efforts.


We align with regional objectives, focusing on economic growth, job creation, and enhancing global competitiveness, all measured against key performance indicators.

Government Growth Partner

What We Offer

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To discover more about the ICAP Cluster and how our Venture-Creating-As-A-Service model can benefit your growth, connect with us to shape an innovative, inclusive, and interconnected future.
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By supporting local startups, we aspire to elevate the Pacific Northwest's position in the global market, enhancing its competitiveness.

Increasing Global Competitiveness

We're committed to offering opportunities for skill enhancement and career growth, building a capable and forward-looking workforce.

the Workforce

Diversity and inclusion remain at the forefront of our goals, ensuring that all communities have a chance to contribute to and benefit from our innovation-driven efforts.

Championing Inclusive Innovation

Let’s Innovate Together

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We facilitate the practical application of research findings, supporting the commercialization of academic work and enhancing the overall academic experience.

Academic Application Opportunities

We connect you to a range of promising startups, each equipped with market-ready solutions, while emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in our selections.

Access to
Diverse Startups

We offer startups an all-around support system, assisting in technology transfer, business development, and scaling efforts, while also helping source new technologies.

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