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LSRE Solutions’ Global Initiative in Life Science Real Estate

SAN PAULO, Brazil Michael Lindberg, co-founder of LSRE Solutions, is in Sao Paulo this week as part of his international outreach. He’s partnering with the Washington Department of Commerce to entice Brazilian life science companies towards the prospects of collaborative space in the U.S. 

LSRE Solutions is a groundbreaker in life science real estate, enhancing scientific advancement through uniquely designed collaborative spaces. Earlier this year, Lindberg undertook a similar venture in Singapore, marking the company’s global footprint. 

In Sao Paulo, Lindberg is promoting Washington state as an optimal hub for research expansion. “Washington state’s untapped potential is perfect for life science companies to advance their research,” Lindberg stated. His outreach efforts underscore his mission to enable global scientific collaboration.

Washington, rich in research institutions, startups, and a diverse talent pool, promises a thriving ecosystem for research and development. Lindberg’s representation is aimed at inspiring life science companies to consider this robust hub. 

Lindberg’s global efforts solidify Washington as an attractive destination for life science companies and place LSRE Solutions as a leader in international life science real estate. 

With previous successful outreach in Singapore and now Brazil, Lindberg is shaping LSRE Solutions’ future, envisioning a world where borders don’t limit scientific collaboration. The global scientific community eagerly awaits the partnerships and innovations bound to emerge from this trailblazing initiative.


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