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LSRE Solutions Launch Announcement

LSRE Solutions is proud to announce the official launch of our life science real estate (LSRE) company. Driven by our mission to integrate real estate into the life science ecosystem, we go beyond transactions and identify space as an opportunity to improve science company outcomes through team science and other collaborations.

Despite a common goal of growing life sciences, the incentives of real estate and science are disparate and misaligned. We aim to take an interdisciplinary approach to strengthen the life science ecosystem by focusing on connecting real estate and life science investors with companies and spaces to accelerate science and health.

The life science ecosystem is large and complex. There are many categories of science in academia and industry. As science becomes more entrepreneurial, we see a growing industry focused on commercialization and a need for infrastructure to support these emerging companies. We believe that our support through real estate will have a lasting impact on making science more accessible and efficient.

This is a collaborative community. Please share with us any of your thoughts or articles you feel would be helpful to our mission. Please follow along as we embrace a unique opportunity to gain insight into life science real estate and its potential to support innovation.


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