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Science team in lab coats and protective gear inspecting a satellite in an industrial hangar.

Tech Bio Labs leads in developing a dedicated TechBio cluster in the Pacific Northwest, encompassing Seattle, Puget Sound, and Washington. We provide a platform for diverse viewpoints to merge, promoting innovative partnerships and efficient processes. Our primary focus is to assist in technology transfer and commercialization, steering the path from conception to successful execution.

Pioneering the

Pacific Northwest TechBio Cluster

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We aim to enhance the TechBio sector by drawing on Washington's strengths and integrating with existing tech sectors.

Positioning TechBio

We prioritize creating connections between businesses, research institutions, and support groups, all with a shared goal of advancing TechBio innovations.

Promoting Collaboration

Our focus is on attracting and training top talent, ensuring a workforce ready to meet challenges and contribute to economic growth.

Building a Skilled Workforce

What We Strive For

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Engagement with all communities, especially those underrepresented, is crucial to ensure a diverse and balanced TechBio sector.

Supporting Inclusion

We work to streamline technology transfer and commercialization processes, turning innovative ideas into market-ready products.

Enhancing Tech Transfer
Flowing Material

We provide direction and resources to guide your endeavors in the TechBio sector.

Leadership Guidance

We offer opportunities for networking and partnerships, encouraging collaboration that pushes the boundaries of TechBio innovations.

Collaborative Platforms

In collaboration with universities and tech centers, we provide learning opportunities and training programs, aiming for a skilled TechBio workforce.

Skills Enhancement

What We Offer

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Our programs emphasize participation from all community sectors, working towards an inclusive TechBio environment.

Diversity Engagement

With our strong academic and tech connections, we support the transition of tech concepts into market-ready solutions.

Tech Realization
Lab workers assessing a high-tech medical instrument
To learn more about TechBio Labs and how our approach can amplify your biotech initiatives, connect with us and be part of a groundbreaking, inclusive, and collaborative journey.

Let’s Innovate Together

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